Zimmerman's Iced Tea

Zimmerman's Ice Tea

You probably recognize this. Our Zimmerman's Dairy Pint Iced Tea in a carton is easily our most popular beverage.

Available Sizes:

Gallon, Half-Gallon, Pint, and Half-Pint

Ingredients: water, sugar, instant tea, malto-dextrins, citric acid, powdered lemon juice, natural lemon flavor (sprayed-dried lemon peel with BHA), and 1/10 of 1% benzoate of soda as a preservative

ice tea in schools
zimmermans ice tea from lehighton
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From Our Kitchen...

image of a ice pick summer cocktail

Ice Pick

An adult beverage that will enhance your cocktail hour! This version of an ice pick, using vodka, iced tea, and lemons is sure to please.

Pair Zimmerman's Iced Tea with your favorite vodka to make this delicious drink.

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