Zimmerman's Dairy History


Around 1900, Zimmerman’s Dairy began selling milk door to door using a buggy with a team of horses as seen in this picture.

Zimmerman's Dairy early 1900s

Just imagine navigating northeast Pennsylvania’s dirt roads with a load of milk cans on one of these rigs. It was not a job for the faint of heart.


A few years later, around 1910, the rigs got slightly more sophisticated. We even had our name painted on the side.

Dairy Delivery By Horse and Buggy

The “A” is for Aaron Zimmerman who is the great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather of the current owners.


In the 1940s we began complete automation in our bottling process and upgraded our transportation line.

Zimmerman's Delivery Truck

We wish we still had this truck. She is a beauty.


Here is a photo of Thomas Aaron Zimmerman Sr. He is the son of Aaron Zimmerman.

Tim Zimmerman

He is overlooking a portion of the packaging facility at our New Mahoning location in 1949.


This is a picture of our current location many years before we acquired it.

Zimmerman's Dairy Facility

The dairy known as Small & Koch owned and operated at this location into the 1930’s at which time it was taken over by Guerstlauer’s Dairy.


Guerstlauer’s Dairy became Zimmerman-Guerstlauer’s Dairy in the late 1960’s.

Zimmerman-Guerstlauer's Dairy

In this picture you can see the size and shape of our buildings as they stand today. 


We are proud to continue delivering great drinks to our community!

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