Our Facility

This is our manufacturing plant. Many people are surprised to find out that we bottle all of our own drinks right here at the dairy. That's right. All of our iced teas, orange drinks, lemonades and other fine beverages get mixed, packaged and cased right here on the premises. We store them in our cooler and deliver them fresh to your favorite store, supermarket and refreshment stand six days a week.

The top picture to the left is of our carton machine. This machine packages all of our ½ pint and pint carton products. We have been using this machine over 10 years now and it works great. We can make 120 cartons of drink a minute! Imagine that...every carton of Zimmerman's Dairy Iced Tea you had in the last 10 years once went through this machine just like the cartons pictured here.

The bottom picture shows our 'caser' with a case of Zimmerman's Dairy ½ Pint Orange Drink that was just filled. This machine puts all the cartons into a case automatically and pushes it onto the conveyer which will take it away to our 40 degree cooler.